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Powerchange UK brings over 40 years of energy procurement experience to the support of our clients. We are totally independent, guaranteeing impartial recommendations that offer the best solution to clients.

We provide expert advice, guidance and support to clients across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, transport and education. Our clients range from small and family-owned businesses through to major manufacturers.

We save our clients time, money & energy. Our fee is paid by the supplier with the best deal for you, no risk, no obligation.

Powerchange UK’s ongoing market analysis combined with our relationships with all the major energy shippers and suppliers enables us to find the right contract for every situation. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to clients, both during contract negotiations and beyond.


We analyse market trends and events on a continuous basis in order that we can advise on all aspects of how and when to make energy purchase decisions. This knowledge underpins the power to change on the best terms.


We take away the burden of understanding, monitoring and negotiating in an increasingly complex arena.

Leaving our clients to enjoy the benefits of knowing that they are on the most suitable and beneficial contract for their profile and that their needs are being monitored on an ongoing basis to keep it that way.

Want to be Greener?

We can help minimise your

Carbon Footprint

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