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Getting You The Best Deal For Electricity & Gas


Our service provides you with our professional energy audit that will assess your site for energy efficiency measures and financial saving opportunities.

The cost control process begins with a detailed audit of the charges claimed by suppliers over a period of several years.

Going beyond the industry standard of a contract and consumption review, means that costs are scrutinised for their accuracy to ensure that metering, transmission and transportation, distribution and supply are all being charged according to the correct supply set-up. 


Tariffs and the options within charging structures are evaluated to investigate every possible saving opportunity. Once completed, our findings are presented to the client detailing the action required to improve charging structures, rectify any anomalies and recover any overcharges.

eliminate overcharges & billing estimations

Our specialist analysts offer a continuous invoice validation and review service designed to protect against estimated and inaccurate supply invoices. We offer an in-depth analysis of your historical billing and assist you to recover any over-payments.


meter efficiency & accuracy

Smart Metering provides organisations with the up-to-the-minute data about energy consumption. In addition to enabling accurate billing Smart Metering can facilitate savings by identifying areas of wastage, reducing costs and improving cash flow.


Many years of experience and technical know-how allows us to quickly identify inappropriately sized or malfunctioning meters. We will offer recommendations which will aid you to reduce your ongoing costs.


Our goal is to secure the lowest possible energy supply costs for our clients. Every organisation’s needs are different so we work closely with clients to match the most appropriate supplier and tariff to their individual requirements.


We start by undertaking a detailed analysis of current usage. Our computerised analysis tools enable us to gain a precise insight into how your energy is being used. Powerful graphic reportage presents a huge amount of data in an easily-understood format.

A precise understanding of usage is essential to us identifying the optimum solution and negotiating the best deal. Auditing historic data against can enable us to identify anomalies resulting in successful claims for refunds and ongoing savings.

We then apply our experience as energy specialists to review the market to identify the best options. Our proposal will outline the savings opportunities available and our recommendations for how best to maximise them, including the optimum time to go to market.

Powerchange manages the contract renewal process on behalf of clients, with minimum effort required on their part.

Once the new contract is up and running we remain in contact to confirm that all goes according to plan and to keep clients up-to-date with market changes, keeping them in pole position to take advantage of further opportunities to reduce their costs.


Contact us for an exploratory discussion. We will then plan the initial analysis to fit in with expiry of existing contracts. Alternatively we will complete an immediate review if it is suspected that there are errors with current billing.

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