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Getting You The Best Deal For Your Water Services

commercial & industrial water management

Powerchange strives to reduce our clients’ costs across all areas of their energy requirements. Increasing water costs makes this an important area to be included in every organisation's overall energy management strategy. Positively managing water services can impact positively on profitability and competitiveness.

eliminate overcharges & billing estimations

Our specialist analysts offer a continuous invoice validation and water review service designed to protect against estimated and inaccurate supply invoices. We offer an in-depth analysis of your historical billing and assist you to recover any over-payments.

meter efficiency & accuracy

Many years of experience and technical know-how allows us to quickly identify inappropriately sized or malfunctioning meters. We will offer recommendations which will aid you to reduce your ongoing costs.



We arrange on-site surveys to detect any leakage issues quickly. We then organise any repairs and re-test all meters to ensure that charges are being applied correctly.

We start with our expert auditing team carrying out a free-of-charge historical desktop analysis to gain a detailed insight to our client's water usage. As part of this our consultants apply their specialist knowledge of the wide range of charging programmes currently in operation to review the accuracy of billing. We undertake a historical invoicing audit to identify any anomalies and refund opportunities, which can be reclaimed for up to the previous six year period.

We advise on improvements to water management procedures that can lead to significant and sustainable cost savings.


We offer professional advice on proactive cost reduction across the full range of water usage, including leak detection, rain harvesting, reverse osmosis and grey water recycling. Our clients benefit from overall water management optimisation.

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